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How Green is Humidity Control?

April 6, 2021

Going Back to the Age of Steam

December 22, 2020

By now it’s a very well established fact that humidity control is more than just a luxury – it’s an essential in almost every building. From health and wellbeing to manufacturing, printing, hospitals, museums and even office spaces, just to name a few. We’ve talked extensively in the past about[...]

Adiabatic Cooling – The What, Why and How

December 1, 2020

In many industrial facilities, the processes involved produce a lot of excess heat as a by-product. But not only does this drive the temperature up, but it also causes the relative air humidity to drop - which has its own set of negative side effects, like increased risk of electrostatic[...]

Protecting Electronics In Manufacturing With Humidity Control

August 19, 2020

When it comes to the manufacturing process – for any product- there will be a finely-honed process to follow. Part of this process will include how to avoid damage to components as they are handled, and reduce the risk of any injuries to the people working in the facility as well. For some[...]

Let’s Buy British

June 1, 2020

  With the out break of Covid 19 the country has battened down the hatches and made our best effort to limit the effect of the Virus on the population.   As we loosen the restrictions, hopefully we will manage to keep the situation under control until a vaccine can be successfully produced.

Why Wood Processing Needs Humidity Control, Not Just Temperature Control

February 19, 2020

If you’ve ever lived in a house with wooden doors and doorframes (and we’re going to presume you have), you probably know how much temperature can impact wood. When it gets cold, wood tends to swell, and when it’s warm out, it shrinks back. But did you know that it’s not really anything to do[...]

Solving Humidity Issues In Manufacturing

January 19, 2020

As seasons change and temperatures begin to vary from day to day (don’t you love British weather?), manufacturing facilities, processing plants and other manufacturers may notice their HVAC system alternating between heating and cooling, sometimes on an hourly basis. But even with the best[...]

Lithium Battery Manufacturing – Why Is Humidity Important?

December 19, 2019

There are plenty of examples we could give of mainstream product manufacturing or use that are obvious candidates for humidity solutions. Pharmaceuticals, food and even IT equipment to name a few. But what if we told you that sometimes it’s the least obvious areas of the industry that require[...]

6 Questions To Ask When Designing Your Humidity Solution

August 25, 2019

You might think that when it comes to humidity solutions, it’s all out of the box machines installed into different buildings. Sure, there are some complications, but mostly it’s pretty straightforward, right?